The Gravedigger's Son

 Genre: gothic horror

My Roles: producer, editor, sound operator, sound designer, visual effects artist


Synopsis: a poverty-stricken gravedigger struggles to provide for his only son. One day when the boy's only pair of shoes wither into disrepair, the gravedigger must go to extreme lengths in order to replace them.

Inspiration: I was inspired by The Blair Witch Project with regards to the film's sound design. They used organic sounds made by unseen entities, to haunt the characters, as well as the viewer, and I incorporated this method into our film.

Festival Success:

Fest: New Directors New Films Festival - Portugal

LA Cinefest - USA, Los Angeles

Ouchy Film Awards - Switzerland

Mindie - Miami Independent Film Festival - USA, Miami

Nightpiece Medway Visions Film Festival - UK

Fright Night Film Festival - USA, Kentucky

Golden Eye: International Festival of TV and Movie Cameramen - Georgia

AlluCinema Fest - Mexico

Post Mortem Festival - Mexico

Hollywood Screenings Film Festival - USA, Los Angeles

Brighton Horrorfest - UK

Other Accolades:

Ouchy Film Awards | Best Actor Nomination | Switzerland

Golden Eye: International Festival of TV and Movie Cameramen | Finalist, Best Student Film | Georgia

AlluCinema Fest | Finalist | Mexico

Finalist Hollywood Screenings Film Festival | Semi Finalist | USA


Photo Credit: Alex Fountain
Photo Credit: Alex Fountain
On set as the sound operator
Photo Credit: Alex Fountain
DOP Mary and Camera Operator Tilly
That's a wrap!
Zombie makeup application
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As of 17th May 2021, I am now able to attend shoots both indoors and outdoors for either business to business or family and couple shoots  and these will be conducted by me in a Covid-secure way. I wear a face covering during all my indoor shoots and keep a distance of at least 2 metres where possible.

I am accepting wedding bookings and there will be no fee if you need to change your date due to Covid-related circumstances.

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