Short Films

Alongside commercial work, I'm often involved in narrative projects as well. I trained in narrative storytelling at the University of Portsmouth where I achieved a 1:1 and several festival selections for my film "The Gravdigger's Son". I'm actively seeking to be involved in projects as a DOP and editor. 

WITHOUT HOPE​ | Drama (2017)
Director, Writer, DOP, Editor
When Hope, a homeless dancer, becomes too ill to perform, she must rely on her sister's help in order to survive. This is a film that I created independently, in collaboration with the music composer, Sasha Wilkins.
Producer, Writer, Director, Editor, Sound Designer
A short animated documentary about the social movement 'effective altruism' which encourages people to do the most good that they can with their lives. In my film I explore four personal stories from people within the movement.
Producer, Editor, Sound Operator and Sound Designer
A gothic horror about a poverty-striken gravedigger who struggles to provide for his only son. One day when the boy's only pair of shoes wither into disrepair, he must go to extreme lengths in order to replace them.
BEA BEFORE ME​ | Thriller (2018)
A loving father is forced to make an unthinkable decision to protect his young daughter. A short thriller written and directed by award winning 15-year old filmmaker Olivia Maiden, who also stars in the film.
INSIDE CODE​ | Sci-Fi (2020)
Currently in post-production, this black-mirror-style short follows a young girl trapped in an empty room, suffering with memory loss and only two strangers on a screen to communicate with.
SIMON | Thriller (2018)
DOP, Editor, Colourist
Sharing a flat in London nowadays is very common, if not expected. This microfilm asks the question: how well do you really know the people you're living with?
HER WILL​ | Drama (2018)
DOP, Editor
A young performer must find her passion for life again after the loss of a loved one. 'Her Will' was written and directed by Seyi Osinlaru, an actress studying 'Acting for Film' at the University of Chichester.
WHAT A DAY​ | Comedy web series episode (2018)
DOP, Editor
Alice is looking for a new flatmate to take over her spare room. Her best friend, Julie, is helping her conduct interviews to find the perfect flatmate to live with, which is far easier said than done.
LITTLE BIG HOUSE​ | Comedy (2016)
Script Supervisor
Funded by Creative England, this comedy written by Cat Jones is about a mischievous young offender called Liam and one very eventful day on the ward. A very enjoyable 3 day shoot in HM Prison Kingston. 
INTERVENTION | Thriller (2015)
Producer, Co-writer, Editor, Sound Designer
Intervention is a film noir about an alcoholic who hears an argument commencing between a couple in the apartment above. When the girl's life appears to be in danger, in his drunken state, the alcoholic must decide whether or not to intervene.
Writer, Director, DOP, Editor
I have written, directed, filmed and edited a number of narrative music videos. Each unique song inspired a unique concept and I love creating a visual story that complements the essence of each song. Head over to my Music Videos page to watch some of these films.
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