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Planning a Vegan Wedding in Sussex - Local Vegan-Friendly Suppliers

As a vegan myself, I know how important it is to use services and make purchases that align with your values. When it comes to your wedding planning, this isn't any different, and I've hopefully made your life easier by compiling a list of some wonderful vegan-friendly or 100% vegan suppliers that I've either worked with, ordered from, or have discovered, in and around Sussex!

Vegan Caterers in Sussex

At your vegan wedding, you're going to want to showcase vegan food that blows your guests socks off - non-herbivores included! Here's a list of some vegan wedding caterers that cover Sussex:

vegan wedding food platter by hogless roast

The Hogless Roast // 100% Vegan

Wild Seed Kitchen // 100% Plant-Based

Vegan To You // 100% Plant-Based

Manjula Catering // 100% Plant-Based

The Fat Carrot // Vegan & Vegetarian Catering

Vegan Wedding Cakes in Sussex

Vegan cake is one of those things where I often hear friends and family remark "oh can cake be vegan?" Us herbivores know just how easy and unnoticeable a vegan version of a cake can be - and now you can share this delight with your guests by hiring one of these amazing wedding cake makers!

vegan wedding cake by bakehouse revolution in sussex

Bakehouse Revolution // 100% Vegan

I've ordered from Che before and she provides amazing customer service and the cake was gorgeous and delicious!

Harbours Vegan Bakery // 100% Vegan

If you don't want a traditional vegan wedding cake, and instead want a goody table for guests to pick and choose - Kloe makes the most amazing cookie pies, brownies and cookies 😍 I have tried and tested them so know how delicious they are - highly recommend the biscoff cookie pie!

Kitty Girl Bakes // 100% Vegan

Kitty specialises in creating little personalised characters of your choice! I've followed her for years and am always blown away by her unique designs.

Vegan Antics // 100% Vegan

These guys are amazing, I've visited their shop in Gravesend, Kent many times (my partner's family live there!) They cover all of the South East.

The Sticky Spoon // 100% Vegan

They offer party favours, tray bakes and various sweet treats for your guests! (All can be personalised).

Vegan Hair & Makeup Artists in Sussex

Now it's time to make sure you're avoiding any animal products being put on your lovely face or hair on your big day, and that the products used are cruelty-free. So, let me introduce these local vegan-friendly hair and makeup artists!

vegan makeup artist belle denbury in sussex

Belle Denbury // Uses 100% Vegan Products

Becky Addams // Vegan-friendly upon request

  • Most products are VG, please specify that you want 100% VG when booking.

Copper Colour Collective // Uses 100% Vegan Products

Vegan Photographers and Videographers in Sussex

Now wouldn't it be nice if the people beside you snapping away all day also shared your values? And would be hyping up and excited about your vegan wedding?! Check out some vegan camera gurus who cover Sussex, including yours truly!

Becky Takes Photos // Vegan Photographer

Based in Hampshire but happy to come to Sussex! (I asked 😄)

Brook Rose Photography // Vegan Photographer

vegan videographer amber rose morgan in sussex

Amber Rose Morgan Films AKA me! // Vegan Videographer

Well of course I have to give myself a little shout-out here! I would absolutely love to capture your special day - every giggle, every vow, all tied up into a beautiful film with a vibe that matches your personalities.

The photo above is me with an awesome vegan couple who's wedding I had the pleasure of filming in 2022. Watch their film below!

It's so special to me when I can work alongside people who's values align with mine, so filming your vegan wedding would be an honour!

Find out more about what you can book here:


Thank you for reading, I hope it's been of some help, and best of luck with your vegan wedding planning!

Disclaimer: some of the above businesses may have changed their products/ingredients or company values since writing. Please always double check their current status before hiring. Post last checked/updated: May 2024



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Hey there! I'm Amber - a videographer in West Sussex documenting stories from the heart to the screen. Feel free to look around at some of my work!

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