Little Big House

little big house
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Genre: Comedy

Length: 15 minutes, 21 seconds

Status: Completed (March 2016), currently in the festival circuit

My role: Script Supervisor (July 2015)

Funded by: Creative England (in a scheme to help female directors become more established within the industry).

Shoot Location: Kingston Prison, Portsmouth, U.K.

Cast: Simon Greenall (from Alan Partridge), Chris Mason (since this film Chris has featured in Legend alongside Tom Hardy and Broadchurch on ITV).

Synopsis: There's been a death on the wing but young offender Liam has no time for grieving. He owes some drugs to Little Man who is not someone you disappoint. But the dead kid was storing the drugs for Liam and it turns out he's stashed them in the worst place possible.

The team are currently submitting this film to various film festivals, which unfortunately means that I cannot share the film publicly just yet. But for now, you can view the behind the scenes photos that I shot whilst on set.


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"Amber acquitted herself very well in what is a difficult and thankless role. She dealt with the actors in a very diplomatic and sensitive way, being careful not to offend them, but assertively reminding them to deliver the correct lines and replicate stage directions accurately from take to take. Her attention to detail and unwavering focus made her well suited to a continuity monitoring role. Amber is very professional and hard working, she also deals with stressful situations well. Amber is a very welcome presence on a film set and I wouldn't hesitate to employ her again." Cat Jones, Director, Heady Mix Productions