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  • Do You Cover Weddings Outside Of Sussex? Or Destination Weddings Abroad?
    I don't drive, so generally can only cover Sussex venues. There are some nearby areas in Kent, Hampshire & Surrey that I sometimes cover too - so do double check if your wedding is in one of those counties! As for destination weddings - I am totally up for this and would love to join you abroad! The package price stays the same, with an addition of expenses related to flight, luggage, transfer and accommodation costs.
  • Do You Cover Same-Sex (Or Non-Binary) Weddings? Are You LGBTQ+ Friendly?
    Of course! It's amazing that same sex (or non-binary) weddings are now possible in the UK and it was such a pleasure to capture my first same-sex wedding back in July 2017 for Chris and Tony Butland-Steed - it was actually the first wedding I ever captured! From day one, I've aimed to use inclusive wording across my site and questionnaires. Love is love guys, and I'm here for it!!!
  • Why Is Your Price Higher Than Other Wedding Video Companies We've Seen Online?
    I am by no means the cheapest wedding videographer out there but I do offer great value for money for the level of experience, skill, and time that I offer. In-fact I am actually one of the more affordable wedding videographers at this level. I bring around £8000 worth of equipment with me on the day and I spend about 30-40 hours editing your wedding film(s). So, if you're looking for a basic video, then I may not be the videographer for you, however if you want a captivating, slick, and exciting movie of your day, we're a match!
  • Is 10 Minutes Really Long Enough To Show Our Whole Day?
    My 2023 full day films were between 8-12 minutes long. It's important to note that I don't purposefully leave out anything great - I feature all the key moments from almost every video clip I record. I show enough from each moment and scene so that you get a great feel and gist of what it was like. I want to keep your film and its scenes engaging, with a good pace, and 8-12 minutes happens to be what that turns out to (as in, I'm not really strict about timings and purposely trying to ever "cut films down"). If you're unsure, just take a look at some of my wedding films to see how much is packed in!
  • Why Should We Invest In A Wedding Videographer?
    It can be a daunting decision to make. And often wedding videography falls to the bottom of the planning list. But the truth is, people are forgetting the most memorable day of their life. The times I've heard couples say "I don't even remember that happening!" after watching their video is very telling! You will never hear the precious words from your ceremony or speeches spoken again, so video is an amazing way to capture not only the visuals, but the emotional words said throughout the day. The highlight video style takes things one step further and cuts out the slower moments of the day, bringing together the "wow" moments, all wrapped in one, with mindful and emotive placement of the audio, to create a beautiful and succinct story of your day, easy to watch again and again.
  • Do You Offer Photography?
    No, but I've worked with some wonderful photographers over the years, so I would be happy to send you my list of recommendations!
  • Can We Choose Our Own Music For The Wedding Highlight Film?
    Yes, I highly encourage this! I provide you with access to a music library I'm subscribed to, where you can choose up to three music tracks for your wedding highlight film, from independent artists. (It's illegal for professional videographers to use popular songs, such as Ed Sheeran).
  • How Long Does The Video Take To Complete?
    On average, I spend 35-45 hours editing the videos from a full day wedding. You will receive your videos within 3 months from your wedding date.
  • How Do We Book?
    Fill in the form at the bottom of this page so I can check my availability. We'll then answer any questions we each have, and once you decide you'd like to book, we'll sign a contract outlining the videography T&Cs. I will then send you an invoice for the booking fee (£200) to be paid within 14 days.
  • When Is The Final Balance Due?
    Any time up until 1 month before your wedding date.
  • When Do We Meet?
    My busy schedule (and the fact I don't drive!) means that meeting in person can be a little tricky, but I always love meeting face-to-face over video call before the big day! I'll arrange this with you around a month before your wedding. If your wedding is happening in a church that I haven't filmed in before, I can arrange a venue visit, as churches often have restrictions and are trickier for me to set up my cameras and audio - so it's great to be prepared beforehand!
  • Can We Make Special Requests?
    Certainly, I welcome ideas! I'm happy to be flexible and discuss whatever you have in mind. Special requests I've done before include adding subtitles for a speech said in Polish, and incorporating a vlogging style - where the couple acknowledges and speaks to the camera.

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