Do You Cover Weddings Outside Of Sussex?

I cover weddings within an approximate distance of 40 miles from Worthing, West Sussex, so I cover some areas of Surrey, Hampshire and South London too. Additionally, I have a base in Gravesend, Kent, so I cover weddings within a 15 mile radius of there.

Do You Film Destination Weddings?

Definitely! The costs stay the same, all I ask is for you to cover flights and accommodation costs.

Do You Cover Same-Sex Weddings?

Of course! It's amazing that this is now possible in the U.K and it was such a pleasure to capture my first same-sex wedding back in July 2017 for Chris and Tony Butland-Steed.

Why Is Your Guide Price Higher Than Other Wedding Video Companies I Have Seen Online?

I am by no means the cheapest wedding videographer out there but I do offer great value for money for the level of experience and time that I offer, along with my editing skills, in-fact I am actually one of the more affordable wedding video companies at this level. Along with my second camera operator, we bring around £6000 worth of equipment with us on the day and then I spend around 30-40 hours editing your wedding film(s). If you're just looking for basic coverage, then I may not be the videographer for you, however if you want a beautiful cinematic movie made of your wedding day, I offer what you are looking for.

Do You Offer Photography?

No. But I have worked with some wonderful photographers over the years, so I would be happy to recommend one or two for you to look at.

Not Answered Your Question?

Please feel free to call me or email me and I will be happy to go over any other questions you may have. 07904 098 180 /

Can We Choose Our Own Music For The Movie?

Yes. I can provide you with links to websites containing music tracks that I think will be suitable for the type of wedding videos that I create. I can also offer you some specific options of tracks that I think will work well. If you have a popular song in mind (e.g. 'Perfect' by Ed Sheeran), this may affect whether or not we can post your video publicly.

Can We Make Changes To The Final Video?

Minor amendments will be included within your quote (such as the removal or addition of a particular shot), however, if you request significant or extensive changes, I would be happy to provide you with a quote to cover the additional editing time needed to carry out the amendments.

When Is The Final Balance Due?

Up to 1 week before your wedding date. (I am happy for you to pay before this time if you wish to).

How Long Does The Video Take To Complete?

To receive a highlight video, the completion date will be 9 weeks from your wedding date. If there are additional videos to be made (such as your ceremony and speeches in full), this will add an extra week onto the completion time.

Are We Able To Receive Our Ceremony and Speeches in Full?

Of course! This is something that you will need to inform me of beforehand, as it may affect the way that your ceremony is shot. It is also possible to book this type of video only (as opposed to a highlight video). Please enquire for further details.

How Do We Book?

Once you have decided you would like to book, I will send you an agreement to sign outlining the details of your wedding video(s). I will then send you an invoice for the booking fee (£100) to be paid within 14 days.

When Do We Meet?

It is always a great idea to visit the venue together on a date that you are already visiting. I can come along and meet some of your other suppliers who may also be attending, and we can all ask each other any questions that we have about the big day. If it's not possible for us to meet at your venue together, we can arrange a Skype or phone call to finalise further details closer to the day.

Can I Make Special Requests?

Certainly. My packages are very flexible and I am happy to alter the style or content of your video to something that may not necessarily match what's featured on my portfolio already. I welcome any ideas that you have for additional content to the video. Special requests I've done before have included coverage of: a suprise Michael Jackson medley dance, a traditional chinese tea ceremony, a drag act, a magician. A change in the style is also possible. We can get as creative or as simple as you like. I once did a request to give a couple's wedding video more of a natural, documentary feel, as they described themselves as 'not very lovey-dovey or romantic', and it was no problem to adapt my style for their video.

Why Should I Invest In A Videographer And Cinematic Film?

It can be a daunting decision to make. Seriously, you will always put wedding videography at the bottom of your wedding planning list, right? But the truth is, people are forgetting the most memorable day of their life. The times I've heard couples say "I don't even remember that happening!" after watching their video is very telling. You will never hear the precious words from your ceremony or speeches spoken again, so video is an amazing way to capture not only the visuals, but the emotional words said throughout the day. The cinematic highlight video takes things one step further and cuts out the slower moments of the day, bringing together the "wow" moments, all wrapped in one, with mindful and emotive placement of the audio, to create a beautiful and succint story of your day. Couples and their loved ones do not often watch through an hour long video, as it's not the most exciting way to remember the day. Whereas a highlight video adds something new and special to the memories, with slow motion moments and all the best bits that you'll want to watch again and again beautifully tied together.

Why Is A Highlight Video More Expensive Than A Long Video?

You might wonder why a highlight video of your day costs more than receving the key moments of your day in full, as you're receiving less footage, right? The reason behind this is that the full video is actually the simpler of the two (workload-wise) and is aimed at capturing the day in a more basic way. The highlight video is more expensive due to the fact that it takes longer to edit and requires more creativity and skill. The highlight video aims to give a magical and cinematic representation of your day and requires extra footage and creative shots, as well as the main events, plus hours tying everything together and experimenting with the audio and visual placements to produce the best cinematic story possible (see my wedding page for examples). In short, around 10 extra hours of editing are required, plus a fee to license a song.


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