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Promote your cause

with authentic, heart-felt video production 

in Brighton, Sussex & London UK

Choosing the right videographer shapes more than just the film...


It's about having someone by your side who deeply understands your cause and cares about your story as much as you do. Collaborating with empathy and shared beliefs, our process becomes more than just filming; it's a partnership driven by understanding, connection, and a mutual passion for making a meaningful impact.


When our values align, magic happens on screen. Be it veganism, sustainability, feminism, or mental health awareness, I get your cause. It's like a shared language, making your story come alive authentically. 

Vegan and eco-conscious videographer Amber Rose Morgan
"The quality of Amber's work is exceptional"
"Amber produced amazing videos to showcase the work of our incredible Community Champions. She made everyone feel at ease and supported them to tell their stories when many were nervous about being on camera. She got the brief spot on, added value and was really flexible when the scope of the project changed. You could tell Amber really cared about both the project and more importantly the people, and this shone through in her work."

Jo Winyard, Senior Operations Manager

Trust for Developing Communities


My values...

I've been vegan since 2019 and live an eco-conscious lifestyle.

As my love for wildlife developed in my mid twenties, a growing empathy for all species led me to become vegan. My sister is a true inspiration, and helped found the global social movement 'effective altruism' - contributing to my focus on being ethically-minded, in all aspects of my life. I'm deeply invested in raising awareness around positive mental health, and in December 2022, I began my own life-changing journey through a holistic phycologist's podcast. I make eco-conscious purchases in my day-to-day life, I don't drive, and I'm obsessed with recycling (Terracycle FTW!)


Since completing my degree in film production and starting my business in 2016, I've been committed to working with charities, non-profits, CICs and organisations who want to drive positive change. Through working with incredible clients such as PETA and West Sussex Mind, I've captured first-hand the powerful impact of their cause-driven work.

My door is always open to those wishing to raise awareness about important causes, and together, we can craft a film that speaks directly to hearts, and truly resonates with your audience.

IMG-20220527-WA0006 (2).jpg
"Amber always understands and respects our needs" 
"Amber has filmed various projects for us since 2021. She is professional, has a sharp eye for detail, and provides valuable advice on delivering scripts in the most effective way possible."

 Anaëlle Girard, Events Manager



Types of videos you could book...

There are many ways we can use video production to help promote your cause. From showcasing your vegan restaurant, to campaigning for mental wellbeing. Why not take a look at some examples below.

Campaign videos

Is there a petition you're seeking signatures for? An ethical message you want to shout about? Or a job you want to recruit for? A campaign video can help drive your audience into action around a particular cause or message, whilst highlighting your values and ethos.

Strictly Come Dancing star Karen Hauer teams up with PETA to remind you to adopt, don't shop

Event videos

If you regularly run cause-focused events, such as vegan markets or mental wellbeing retreats, an event video is the perfect way to virtually immerse people in the experience - from the atmosphere to the line-up. Paired with testimony from attendees, this creates a powerful marketing tool and fosters a deeper sense of connection and trust with the event.

The Hope Collective and TDC host a youth-led event at the Brighton i360 event space

Brand stories

Everyone has a story to tell, so let's tell yours. A branding film is the perfect opportunity to express the ethos of your business or charity, and help people feel more connected to your cause. Showcase your team working behind the scenes, share a passionate backstory from your founder, or hear testimony from happy clients or service users.

Introducing This Talk - an organisation destigmatising mental health - one talk at a time.

Celebrate & showcase

Why not create a film that positively highlights an aspect of your cause or ethical business? Maybe your charity has reached a significant fundraising milestone or your volunteers have provided an impactful service. By spotlighting the contributions of staff or volunteers, or joyfully celebrating milestones and achievements, you create a powerful narrative that inspires others to engage in supporting or volunteering for your cause.

Meet Nawal, Brighton's "Gardeniser" volunteering her time to upkeeping her neighbourhood's community garden.

Explore more cause-driven films...

"Amber was a delight to work with" 
"We were ever so impressed by Amber’s attention to detail and professionalism. She took the brief on and added her own ideas, which really elevated it. Our videos are fantastic and we would highly recommend her. "

Lucy Babey, Head of Science and Conservation



Gear and gadgets galore...


My extensive kit list will cover a multitude of needs such as:


-  Pieces to camera (with the help of a handy teleprompter!)


- Full event recordings (up to 3 cameras available)

- Establishing and details shots (stablised by my trusted gimbal)

I primarily shoot with two Sony A7S III cameras.

My kit layout 2021_edited.jpg

Your investment

This will depend on a variety of factors and the work involved. Costs will generally start from at least £400.



Please get in touch to share details about your project and start a discussion!

Thanks! Message sent.      |      +44 7904 098180

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Promotional & brand videography

Have something you'd like to promote that's not cause-driven? Tell me more! I'd love to hear what you're working on and see if we're a good match for each other.



Please get in touch or visit my promotional portfolio page to learn more about my brand videography.

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