Music Videos

In Brighton, Sussex and London
As well as performance videos, I specialise in the creation of narrative music videos and work alongside artists to develop engaging concepts and narratives that complement the essence of their songs. I provide video, audio and post-production services.
CRACKS Chloe Leigh 

Script Writer, Director, DOP, Editor

During a trip to the countryside, a young girl becomes lost in an unexpected and spiralling journey of self-discovery.

Script Writer, Director, DOP, Editor

Alone in his bedroom, lead singer, Ricky, battles with a conflicting personality inside his head.

I NEED YOU | Massive Dynamic

Script Writer, Director, DOP, Editor

As boredom and resentment set in, and a life alone begins to present itself, a young couple discover whether or not they still need one another.

I JUST DON'T CARE​ Frances Adams
Director, DOP, Editor

An actress struggles to cope with the attention that a theatre director is paying towards her, and she cannot decide whether the attention is unwanted or wanted.

APOCALYPSO​ | Annika Charis Cooper
Director, DOP, Editor

As the lyrics say, "if the end is here my friend, there's nothing we can do, so we might as well not worry, we might as well shake a shoe". This song and video is a celebration of endings and new beginnings.

Performance Music Videos

Fancy Camera

Massive Dynamic

"Wow...just wow. The overall theme, the cinematography and how it's done is excellent. It looks amazing and honestly, it fits the sentiment of the song so well." 

Video Camera Lens

Kris One Life

She was highly professional from the word go when I asked her to film my debut single.

A few things I like about Amber is her enthusiasm, vision, passion and how she would always look to go that extra mile in every given situation that came her way, be it in the filming or editing process.

I would highly recommend Amber, you won't be disappointed with the end results.

Nature Shot

Annika Charis Cooper

I recommend Amber to anyone who is looking for somebody who isn't only highly professional, effective and reliable, but also has the ability to turn the most simple idea into something visually and narratively engaging. And on top of that, she knows how to make this potentially stressful process highly enjoyable.

Please get in touch if you are seeking a videographer for your music video. I would love to hear about your ideas.

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