International Women's Day 2020

To celebrate International Women's Day 2020, this page is dedicated to several of my film projects that feature women (or the work of those women), who have inspired me.

This film tells the true story of military personnel and slackliner Andrea Macfarlane.

This film was produced for Slackline Productions who put women in the driver’s seat to provide audiences with uplifting entertainment experiences that will impact their lives. They aim to redress the balance in the stories being told and who’s telling them- working with female writers to offer new-writing plays that have female characters at their heart, focusing most specifically on stories of women aged 35+.

This film was published by the RAF as part of Mental Health Awareness Week in May 2019.


These fun and funky mass litter picks on Brighton beach help to keep our ocean free of litter and plastic.
Run by Amy Gibson, these events have seen a huge success for the impact of litter reduction as well as bringing the community together. Join Pier 2 Pier on their next event and become a beach clean hero too!

This film was made in collaboration with the music composer Sasha Wilkins - now known as Alex Isla


She composed a beautiful piece of music which she envisioned would accompany a film about a dancer. I listened to the track and conceptualised and created this short film for her. Her music is the soundtrack for the entire film - which she wanted to use to help raise awareness about homelessness in Brighton. Her recent project has been raising money and awareness for the eating disorder charity BEAT


Alison Lapper MBE is most famous for the statue "Alison Lapper Pregnant" which was created by Marc Quinn and placed on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square in 2005. This short film tells the story of Alison's desires for a significant career change - from being the subject of documentaries, to the presenter of them.

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