Genre: Film Noir

Length: 2 minutes 55 seconds

Status: Released (May, 2015)

Roles: producer, editor, director, co-DOP, co-writer

Synopsis: at home, an alcoholic hears an argument commencing between a couple in the apartment above. The shouting becomes more and more intense, and when the girl's life appears to be in danger, in his drunken state, the alcoholic must decide whether or not to intervene.

Inspiration: whilst writing the script, I was inspired by great film noir classics such as Stranger on the Third Floor (Ingster, 1940) and Sin City (Miller, 2005) which also inspired our cinematography.


In line with the current lockdown and government guidance, I am  not attending any film shoots until further notice. I am still available to help with video editing tasks. Please get in touch for further details.


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