Birth Right 

Client: Doll's Eye Theatre

My Role: Camera & Sound Operator, DOP, Editor

Extracts from Doll's Eye Theatre's play 'Birth Right'. This story follows the ups and downs of pregnancy for three female characters.

Play written by Amy Ewbank.
Filmed at Calder Theatre, London.



The advertising industry is allowed to continue in the current lockdown, therefore, I am open to attend certain B2B local shoots with appropriate health and safety regulations in place. You can read the APA's Covid-19 shooting guide here.

I am accepting wedding bookings and there will be no fee if you need to change your date due to Covid-related circumstances.


As always, I am still available to help with remote video editing tasks. Please get in touch for further details.

Last updated/reviewed: 9th March 2021. Next review: 13th April  2021.

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